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For well over 60 years Yodeling Slim Clark has been singing and yodeling the real authentic cowboy songs, starting in 1931. Entertaining as a solo performer with just a guitar accompaniment at town halls, schools, fairs, and rodeos. He has never changed from that style and still does the real old cowboy songs and yodels.


He has been recording since the 1940's and is still active at concerts, festivals and rodeos. He is in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine Country Music Halls of Fame, and recently was inducted into the Walkway of Stars at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.

He has dedicated his career to the preservation of the traditional cowboy style. He is pleased to present his latest tape, "78's Reborn", to the many people throughout the world who long to hear the old-time cowboy music.

Some of the songs he did:   Happy Cowboy Life, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Yodelin' Mad, Cowboy Takes In A Squaredance, Chime Bells, Cowboys Lullaby, Abilene Drive, Rocky Mountain Yodeler, When You're Blue Just Yodel, Trailriders Moon, The Ramblin' Hobo, Swiss Lovers Lullaby, Away Out On The Mountain, Yodelin' Cowboy, The Swiss Yodelers, Put Me In  Your Pocket (Slim talks to his fans about the Walkway of The Stars), Vrenell, Our Song, Send Me The Flower Money Now, My Dad, Nightrider's Lament, Slim Talks - Strawberry Roan, Whatever Happened To All Those Years