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     The Grascals


Great musicians will always find a way to make good music, but for great musicians to make great music, they must find a bond – one that more often than not goes beyond the purely musical to the personal.  For the Grascals, that bond has been forged at the intersection of personal friendships, shared professional resumes and an appreciation for the innovative mingling of bluegrass and country music that has been a hallmark of the Nashville scene for more than forty years.   Whether they’re offering one of their original songs and instrumentals, reworking an classic like “Teardrops In My Eyes,” breathing new life into the Osborne Brothers’ “Leavin’s Heavy On My Mind” or interpreting bluegrass-country songwriter Harley Allen’s “Me And John And Paul,” the Grascals’ rare musical empathy gives them an unerring ear for just the right touch to illuminate each one’s deepest spirit.

 For those who know them, the quick emergence of the Grascals comes as no surprise, for these are musicians whose roots reach back over more than two decades of bluegrass history, as their paths have crossed and re-crossed in bluegrass ensembles like the Osborne Brothers, Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time and the Sidemen.  They trace, too, to Nashville’s larger musical community, where the Grascals have been able to draw on legends like Bobby Osborne, Lloyd Green, Paul Craft and more for songs and for performances in the studio and on stage.  Thanks to those experiences and those friendships, the Grascals embody a profound grasp of and familiarity with country and bluegrass tradition that made them a natural choice for Dolly Parton to turn to for recording and tour support not long after the group was created.


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